جمعه 17 آذر 1396 ساعت 23:37

Lucid Planet - Requiem ♫ 


I never chose this
Shadowed by the place that I
Could never dream I'd hide from.

Dust to shell the soul
It's all we've ever known
Severing the flow
Dust to shell the soul
It's all we've ever known
Lights fading
Returns us whole, as one
Standing on the fault line
Is it something that I've missed
I've traveled too far
Out of reach, no ground in sight
No where to rest, my soul
Running from the broken lies
Coming home tomorrow
Here we are
As what we are
Confused and far smaller
Than we all believe
Hold it in your hand
Lay it on the line
Help me now to understand
You tread upon the other side
Lay it on the line
Then we can see
Made up of an open mind
Forged upon a memory
I can't bring you back to me
But still have the will to carry on
Sunken under my skin
Time has come
To dispel the air of ill repute
Pushing through our inner space
Time has come
Channel a change
I'll Not Beg You To Realize
This world is my truth

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